Plan Support Teleconsults

After the Initial Teleconsult with Dr. Tripp for a thorough Analysis of Pet Happiness and Prognosis for future pet happiness, add teleconsults with Dr. Tripp, as desired or needed, at this reduced rate.
Manufacturer: Rolan Tripp, DVM, CABC

First, complete the Pet Happiness Parenting Basics eCourse.

Then, to learn more about your pet, get a thorough Pet Happiness Analysis ($450) in a Teleconsult with Dr. Tripp. The Analysis includes a Prognosis for future happiness, and Custom Plan options. The payment for any previously purchased Do-It-Yourself Plan is applied to reduce the Custom Plan fee. 

Custom Plans include Dr. Tripp's review of the last 12 months of the pet's medical record and any exam and labwork done within 30 days of starting the Custom Plan. Plans are adjusted based on medical records and in consultation by Dr. Tripp with the pet's attending veterinarian.

After the Analysis, choose to continue with a Custom Pet Happiness Plan, with or without monthly Supervison by Dr. Tripp, and one of his experienced, certified coaches. Custom Plans with Support Teleconsults  are intended for the dedicated pet parent who wants learn about their pet and improve pet and pet family happiness as quickly and easily as possible.

Supervision is done by Dr. Tripp via google meet, video or phone appointment as needed. The fees recur monthly until the pet parent stops the service. 

All behavior cases accepted. Dr. Tripp's special interests are emotional causes of chronic itching, scratching or licking of skin (psychodermatology), and separation distress.

Some cases require medical tests or prescriptions which are coordinated with the local DVM of your choice or one recommended by Dr. Tripp.

Online bankcard payment includes a 30 day Service Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this service you receive a full refund for any payment made within the previous 30 days.