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A certified Pet Coach answers your specific questions and guides you through your Pet Happiness Basics or Custom Plan. Unlimited help by text, email, phone or video as requested. Select experienced, certified Pet eCoach Susan Tripp, BA, MS Psychology.

Simple joys! Meet Susan Tripp's three-year-old Gavin, a happy Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie).

Pet Coaches help you reach your pet happiness goals more quickly and easily. You and your pet learn at your own pace from the comfort of home.  Experienced pet coaches work closely with Dr. Tripp on your Pet Happiness Plan.

The monthly recurring charge can be cancelled at any time. If not satisfied, Contact Us, for a full refund of the last 30 days.

Happy Cat! Happy Life!

Susan Tripp, BA, MS Psycology, IAABC Certifed Consultant, APDT Member, 2013-17 AKC Canine Good Citizen Judge, 2017-18 KPA Advanced Trainer Academy,  2018-20 graduate of all Karolina Westlund classes at

Susan Tripp brings 40 years of ongoing education and hands-on training experience to include: 1987-90 co-owner of TeleVet Puppy Kindergarden, and 1989-99 La Mirada Animal Hospital, 2001-12 developed dog and cat behavior education and training curriculum for AnimalBehavior.Net, and 2012-17 for Hannah the Pet Society. Special interest in early puppy development, socialization and positive training. Love cats! Lived with many cats, and a Belgium Sheepdog/G. Shep mix, Golden/Dobie mix, Border Collie, Irish Setter, Brittany, and now Gavin!