Pet Happiness Services

Rolan Tripp, DVM, CABCTeleconsults, Pet Happiness Analysis, Basic and Custom Plans
Always start with the Pet Happiness Parenting Basics Plan.

If desired or needed, learn more about your pet with a thorough Analysis in a Teleconsult with Dr. Tripp. Choose a Custom Plan with an additonal consult included. A video of pets at home adds value to the Analysis and Custom Plan. Custom Plans include Dr. Tripp's review of the last 12 months of a pet's medical record and any new exams or labwork during the plan. Dr. Tripp coordinates any needed prescriptions with the local veterinarian.

With a Custom Plan, video follow-up consults with Dr. Tripp and a Pet Coach are optional to give your pet the greatest happiness faster. 

A Pet Coach to answer specific pet questions and assist in pet and person learning is optional with with any Basics Plan. 

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Pet Happiness Basics Plan

Definition: An online, step by step, self-help, home-based plan, recommended for every dog or cat lover. Designed to help give cats or dogs greater happiness. Happy Pets! Happy Life! Annual Plan Fee. Cancel any time.

Plan Support Teleconsults

After the Initial Teleconsult with Dr. Tripp for a thorough Analysis of Pet Happiness and Prognosis for future pet happiness, add teleconsults with Dr. Tripp, as desired or needed, at this reduced rate.

Affordable, Unlimited Help!

A certified Pet Coach answers your specific questions and guides you through your Pet Happiness Basics or Custom Plan. Unlimited help by text, email, phone or video as requested. Select experienced, certified Pet eCoach Susan Tripp, BA, MS Psychology.

Behavior Case Analysis Teleconsult

An in depth review, looking beyond obvious symptoms to the pet's underlying psychological state. The goal of this consult is a behavioral diagnosis and a time and cost estimate for a behavior modification plan.

Canine Anxious Hyperactivity

Definition: Increased physical activity related to psychological anxiety. With this plan, you and your pet learn at your own pace from the comfort of home. To learn more about your pet, schedule a thorough Analysis ($450) in a Teleconsult with Dr. Tripp. The Analysis includes a Prognosis for future happiness, and Custom Plan options. The payment for this Do-It-Yourself Plan is applied to reduce the Custom Plan fee.

Canine Separation Distress

The definition is, "Anxious behaviors persisting greater than 5 minutes triggered by separation from an attachment figure" - but there is much more to it than that! This is one of the most common types of canine unhappiness. It is an emotional state, so normal "instruction training" is not sufficient. With this plan, you and your pet learn at your own pace from the comfort of home.