PsyMed Diagnostic Test Results Consult

Schedule a no-charge teleconsultation with a Behavior Services Representative, to go over the results of the PsyMed Diagnostic Test to determine if hidden stress (measured by key behavioral markers) might be causing wear and tear on the body, heading toward health problems that compound the psychological stress.

If your veterinarian suggested a Pet Happiness Test, the goal is to ID or rule out a source of hidden stress.  If present, that stress is grinding away at the body's natural homeostasis that will eventually result in medical symptoms or shortened lifespan.  Choose this option to set up a "Results Consultation."  Then a representative from will contact you to set up a teleconsult to go over options.

The goal is to prevent clinical symptoms.  If they are already happening, look for these criteria: 

  • Usually related to Scratching, Vomiting, Diarrhea, or Urinary Bladder Symptoms
  • Can be related to other internal organs like Heart or Lung that are involved in Stress
  • Typically the symptoms are relatively mild, and resolve if treated or not
  • They tend to recur at an interval related to the severity.  Might be weekly, yearly, or other
  • If the DVM cannot find a specific cause, and determines it is not life threatening

"PsyMed" is the science linking psychological stress and medical symptoms.


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If needed, click this link to take the PsyMed Diagnostic Test