Separation Distress

More commonly known as "Separation Anxiety", the newer term substitutes "Distress" because the symptoms in the pet include much more than just anxiety. In this category are several specific eCourses. Each represents a slightly different component. When multiple eCourses are selected, any duplicates are removed.

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Canine Anxious Hyperactivity

Definition: Increased physical activity related to psychological anxiety.

Departure Distress

Definition: Unwanted behaviors observed just prior to human departure including any combination of hiding, trembling, drooling, pacing, and other anxious or fearful postures.

Hyperattachment Distress

Definition: Affected individual follows the primary attachment figure and shows signs of distress if unable to touch.

Isolation Distress

Individual is distressed when completely alone, but relieved if any other familiar individual is present.

Grieving Distress

Anxious behavior triggered by loss of a companion. This can also be sympathetic based on observing human grieving postures.

Separation Anorexia

Refusing food during separation that would be accepted in a non-stressful situation.