Analysis Teleconsult

An in depth review of the Diagnostic Survey Score and Personality Profile to further identify sources of Pet Stress as seen in Pet Behaviors and Medical Conditions. Clients from enrolled Veterinary Practices save $200.
Manufacturer: Rolan Tripp, DVM, CABC

Start with a Diagnostic Test ($99) to identify and measure stress and get a Stress Rating, Pet Personality Profile and Basic Plan to reduce pet stress. An optional Custom  Custom Plan fee.

To learn the source of Pet Stress, schedule a thorough Analysis Teleconsult ($450) with  Dr. Tripp.

An optional Custom plan coordinates stress reducation with the local veterinarian and trainer. Reduced stress improves pet health, happiness and training results. 

During the Analysis Teleconsult, Dr. Tripp video-views the pet while talking with the pet parent. The pet is better evaluated when no stranger is in the home and the pet is not taken to an unfamiliar location. 

The Analysis Teleconsult remote home views of the pet are less stressful than office visits or trainer home visits.  

*30-day Service Satisfaction Guarantee: 

If you are unsatisfied with the service at any point, report that to for a full refund of any fees collected in the previous 30 days.