Analysis Teleconsult (One-time charge)

An in-depth analysis with a Veterinary Behavior Consultant to identify sources of Pet Stress that may result in unwanted behaviors and/or medical symptoms. This is a one-time fee to determine any medical underlying causes, laboratory tests needed, if medication is indicated, outlook for resolution, and to give a cost estimate for a treatment plan. (Scroll down.)

After the Pet Parent completes the online "Pet Happiness Test" that screening test provides the client or the attending veterinarian: 

  1. A list of all reported medical and behavioral concerns

  2. From that list, the client's primary concern

  3. The pet's genetic tendencies

  4. A pet personality graph

  5. A Pet Happiness Potential Report PDF

  6. A "PetHappiness/Stress Rating" (0-100)

   The purpose of this "Analysis Teleconsult" is to dig deeper into all the issues influencing the pet, determine the underlying causes and outlook for resolution, and give a cost estimate for a treatment plan.

If behavior medications are needed then a local attending DVM must be willing to participate and provide medical services.  The customized plan might include any or all of the following:

  • An Animal Behavior Consultant (ABC) assigned to help the pet parent implement the plan

  • A local trainer who may come into the home as needed

  • Collaboration with the Attending DVM and local behaviorists and trainers

  • Review of the pet's labwork and medical conditions

  • Recommended anti-anxiety or comfort medications where indicated

  • Quality assurance follow-ups with tech support as needed.

   Most behavior and training plans require 4+ months total time, averaging about 30-45 minutes per day, but can be scheduled around the pet parent's schedule. The plan resolves current issues and provides education that prevents future issues. The plan has a 99% Client Satisfaction History.

*30-day Service Satisfaction Guarantee: 

  If you are unsatisfied with the service at any point, report that to for a full refund of any fees collected in the previous 30 days.

For questions about this service, email