Privacy and Terms of Service is a subsidiary of ​​, AKA  As such, the following privacy policy is adopted by and any other related business owned by Vet-Tel.
This statement describes how our program protects data and individual privacy:

  1. Information about the Pet Owner
    1. Financial
      1. Information that might be used to access personal financial information is not retained by any employee of Vet-Tel.
      2. Any financial information entered into any Vet-Tel shopping cart is processed by the Merchant Account and Gateway.
      3. If recurring fees are agreed, then that financial information is retained inside the Processing Merchant Gateway who is then responsible for the protection of that data under their control.
    2. Pictures
      1. Clients are encouraged to post pictures of their pets and themselves on our site.
      2. These pictures are then considered public with the same degree of privacy as if posted on Facebook or other social media.
      3. Clients grant the right to Vet-Tel to use these pictures for educational purposes, including showing them to other clients.
      4. If used in this way, any reference to the person’s name or contact information will be removed.
      5. Clients have the right to request the pictures be removed from educational use.
  2. Information about the Pet
    1. Pet Profile, also called “Signalment” in veterinary medicine refers to the pet’s 
      1. Species
      2. Age
      3. Weight
      4. Date of Birth
      5. Medical Profile (e.g. diagnoses, findings, medications taken, etc.)
      6. Attributes (pet profile collected as part of the behavioral history)
      7. Collection of the above data will be considered by the Pet Parent as an "Examination". Phone of Video discourse will be considered a "Consultation,"
    2. Pictures
      1. Pictures of the pet and background environment are maintained inside the behavioral record of the pet
      2. The client gives permission for Vet-Tel and affiliates to use these pictures for educational use of other pet parents. 
    3. To the greatest degree possible, Artificial Intelligence will be used to increase service and reduce costs to the pet parents. Clients declining this component will not be provided service.
  3. Reporting Inhumane Treatment of Animals
    1. If any client of Vet-Tel reports what THEY believe is inhumane treatment of animals, that information will be forwarded
    2. to the Humane Society of the United States. 
  4. Demographic Data
    1. Demographic data used for marketing or other purpose will not contain personal information such as Name, Address, and phone number.
    2. Demographic information purchased from others is used according to the stipulations of the source of the information.
    3. Any perceived discrimination as determined by the govenment should be reported to the Data Protection Officer below.
  5. Identify Theft
    1. Client data is not sold or made public
    2. Vet-Tel is not responsible for Identity Theft

Vet-Tel and related entities intend to comply with all pertinent privacy regulations, including those of:

  1. HIPPA  - ​Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  2. GDPR - ​General Data Protection Regulation

IF any client encounters a circumstance where Vet-Tel is not in compliance then this information should be sent to our ​Data Protection Officer, Rolan Tripp, DVM. (