Canine Homeschooling (Monthly)

This program offers online human education at your own pace and one-on-one video lessons with a professional Animal Behavior Consultant. Do this on your own schedule, in your own home, with no need to take the pet anywhere or have anyone come into your home. This is a month-by-month subscription and can be cancelled by emailing a request to

Canine Homeschooling offers a personalized plan for your dog with real-time video guidance from a trained Animal Behavior Consultant (ABC). This ABC will be available by appointment for two teleconsults in the first month, two in the second, and then once monthly if desired. Your ABC will answer any questions and coach you at any location, indoors or outside, all at your own pace. Canine Homeschooling includes:

  • This Canine Homeschooling Protocol 

  • An expanded Pet Behavior History

  • Teleconsults with your Animal Behavior Consultant

  • A thirty-day satisfaction warranty

  • And more!


This program does not include collaboration with your veterinarian, diagnosis, or prescription of behavior medications. If those are desired, click HERE

This is a month-by-month subscription. When you are satisfied and ready to cancel, send an email to with your request for cancellation. 

If you are not happy for any reason, you are eligible for a REFUND of all fees paid within the previous 30 days.