Pet Happiness Options

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Analysis Teleconsult (One-time charge)

An in-depth analysis with a Veterinary Behavior Consultant to identify sources of Pet Stress that may result in unwanted behaviors and/or medical symptoms. This is a one-time fee to determine any medical underlying causes, laboratory tests needed, if medication is indicated, outlook for resolution, and to give a cost estimate for a treatment plan. (Scroll down.)

Canine Homeschooling

This program offers a personalized plan for your dog with live canine education from a trained Animal Behavior Consultant (ABC) who observes your interaction by video call.

PetTelligence (Monthly)

This subscription gives access to the PetTelligence online pet behavior case management software, plus a discount on PetHappiness teleconsultation into your home.

Pet Parenting Basics (Monthly)

This plan is used to reduce stress and improve any pet’s mental and physical health, happiness, and training results. The pet’s person will work through this step-by-step plan at their own pace. The fee is charged monthly, until the subscription is cancelled.

PsyMed Diagnostic Test Results Consult

Schedule a no-charge teleconsultation with a Behavior Services Representative, to go over the results of the PsyMed Diagnostic Test to determine if hidden stress (measured by key behavioral markers) might be causing wear and tear on the body, heading toward health problems that compound the psychological stress.