Pet Happiness Options

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Analysis Teleconsult (One-time charge)

An in-depth analysis with Dr. Tripp to identify sources of Pet Stress that result in unwanted behaviors and/or medical symptoms. This is a one-time fee to identify all of the issues influencing the pet, determine the underlying causes and outlook for resolution, and to give a cost estimate for a treatment plan. (Scroll down.)

Canine Homeschooling (Monthly)

This program offers online human education at your own pace and one-on-one video lessons with a professional Animal Behavior Consultant. Do this on your own schedule, in your own home, with no need to take the pet anywhere or have anyone come into your home. This is a month-by-month subscription and can be cancelled by emailing a request to

PetTelligence (Monthly)

This subscription gives access to the PetTelligence online pet behavior case management software for any Pet Happiness Protocol. This includes the "Pet Parenting Basics" Subscription but customizes it into a program that also addresses specific issues with your pet that are uncovered through a second pet behavior questionnaire.

Pet Parenting Basics (Monthly)

This plan is used to reduce stress and improve any pet’s mental and physical health, happiness, and training results. The pet’s person will work through this step-by-step plan at their own pace. The fee will be charged monthly, until the subscription is cancelled.

Pet Happiness Test Results Consult

Schedule a no-charge teleconsultation with a Behavior Services Representative, to go over the results of the Pet Happiness Test, and discuss what services might be the best fit.